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Then install the free "BitUpsss" ad blocker. It analyzes site content, finds ads and instantly hides them to make the Internet yours again!

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"BitUpsss" supports the "Acceptable Ads" initiative.

We are talking about advertising that does not interfere with your web browsing. It is demonstrated by default to support sites that depend on ads' profits without creating any inconvenience to users. It can be disabled at any time if the user wants to block all advertising.

Requires no additional settings

Blocks all unnecessary ads and has no own ones

Ease of installation, use and removal

Here it is - the fastest and most effective ad blocker!

It will open to you the limitless Internet world without annoying ads that flooded the Web. By downloading "BitUpsss" you will get rid of banners, teasers and other ads that steal your traffic and distract you from viewing landing pages. It will save a lot of your time closing the numerous pop-ups that "BitUpsss" will remove independently! "BitUpsss" is a powerful blow to annoying banners, teasers and ads!

Install BitUpsss

It is absolutely free!

The same way "BitUpsss" blocks advertising on ALL sites even before it reaches your computer!

Improved browser speed

Reduced memory usage when visiting sites

Increased page loading speed

Reduced bandwidth

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